Who Goes for Counselling?

What kind of person chooses counselling?

For many people, the decision to go for counselling initially appears to be based on an attempt to end one’s pain. As people, we suffer. Perhaps we struggle with our relationships, self-image, compulsions, or lack of motivation. Perhaps it is something altogether different. As individuals, we have our own unique combination of experience and personality.

To choose to go to counselling is to make a commitment to the self; a promise, or an aspiration, to truly become oneself.

In the context of a relationship with a counsellor, through the development of a relationship based on trust, honesty and caring, one may begin to safely explore the hitherto foggy regions of the heart and mind. Pema Chodron has stated, “Compassion is not a relationship between the healer and the wounded, it is a relationship between equals.” In other words, two people, exploring together, may find healing in the midst of their relationship. Mutual caring, careful listening, time, and thoughtfulness yield a rich ground from which may spring creative energy and sustenance. This nurturance creates a safe place for the individual to move at their own pace as they work towards solving the puzzles of their life.

Are you seeking a safe place to begin your journey of discovery?

Caron Smith offers support on your quest. Her office is in Victoria, B.C., and she welcomes you to visit at her Cook Street office.